Friday, June 10, 2016

Beach Vacation Photo Tips

Most people who go with the family on a beach holiday, take a lot of pictures. Once you're at home and you can view or print; Are you ecstatic, bored, or disappointed? Be honest, now!

Does this sound familiar ... you arrive at your destination, check the place out, and quickly go to the beach, change. Fortunately, you have to take thoughts on your sunscreen, nose plugs and swimsuit. Maybe you remembered your camera, may not have it.

Do you want a holiday at the beach Family brings contradict desires. On the one hand you want to have everyone have a wonderful, fun, relaxing, memorable holiday. On the other hand, most people will not do what is necessary to preserve the memories.

We'll show you how to have the best of both worlds. By providing tips on taking pictures, you can capture holiday pictures excellent beach, enjoy the images, and make sure that if you look at the pictures at home, you will not think, "it was our vacation!?!"

Beach photo-miss holiday tips can not

1) packing the right equipment

If your dream vacation on the beach packing, remember these essentials: the camera, batteries, memory cards, camera bag, battery chargers, external flash (if available), a tripod and digital storage device portable. If you have lots of memory, you can leave the storage device at home.

2) Consider these purchases

I know ... you spend more than you expect from a holiday. So the last thing you want is a foreign suggesting that you spend more on photo accessories. But read on and find out what these cheap accessories for you to jump in front 3 to the Council.

Consider a circular polarizing filter for your lens to buy. Contemplate! It is one of the cheapest accessories that you can buy, and you will love the results. What are the results? A blue sky, the ability to see objects under water, and the creation of colors on the "pop" side.

3) Insurance

Do you have insurance on your property? If your camera has cost more than $ 25.00? Then do yourself a big favor and a UV filter to buy to put on your lens for protection. If your goal is damaged, the camera will be ruined. You can get a good UV filter for under $ 20.00 is likely.

4) The magical landscape plan

If it colorful cliffs, ports, or other landscape opportunities on your beach vacation, you want to catch them, of course. Not only that, but it would not be so impressive, some member (s) of the family to the filming to add and the people and the background in focus?

Ask your F-stop to a high number (at least F-11, or "infinity" or "landscape" in your camera). Position the people in the foreground, the background landscape. Concentrate on your subject (s) person, at least 15 feet (25 is even better if you have a telephoto lens).

Ask blue to get circular polarizing filter in the desired color in the sky. Skip this step if you do not buy a filter. But no worry. If you do not like the brightness of the sky after the pressure is developed, you can always take a magic marker and color of the sky. (You do not hear that from me.)

Finally, press the shutter button and ... voila! Perfect image "postcard".

5) Silhouettes

Silhouette beach vacation photo (or non-beach holiday pictures for that matter) produce one of the artistic photographs and / or emotional-looking as possible. Most people never make silhouette pictures, and yet they are so easily made as photos in daylight.

The best time to take pictures of figure is about 1 hour before sunset to ½ hour after sunset. Use Evaluative or Matrix (which is probably default anyway your measurement mode), and focus on human subjects, filled with many cloud sky background. Then the desired image as you like.

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