Wednesday, June 8, 2016

10 New Mom Tips to Help You Keep Your Sanity

Here are 10 tips to new mothers keep your sanity to help:

Sleep. All baby books that you read, say, but let me stress once again, you need to rest when your baby rests. You will feel not only charged but take care of yourself will help you take better care of your baby. Additionally, you will reach it more easily something if you are not a zombie.

Take care of yourself. This is in addition to the sleep if possible. Schedule time for yourself every day. This can include a shower to get to read a walk, meditation, or just some of your favorite book. It is extremely important that you remember during this time, as difficult as it may seem, you get stronger and feel ready to take anything if you take care of yourself.

Plan your meals. You should plan in advance what you eat. We tend to make decisions quickly (often poor) to meals, when we leave this decision to the last minute. Prep salads, vegetables, fruit in advance for a quick snack. Make larger quantities of foods that you like and freeze.

The stock changing bag. If you check the diaper bag (and load) on a regular basis, you do not want to find yourself stranded without diapers or wipes.

Speakerphone. A new mother should use all available resources that it can make the slightest even easier. A hands-free kit for your phone You can give your baby help what he / may need them to stay at while in contact with the outside world. Something that is important for our mental health.

Baskets, baskets and other baskets. A basket can look glamorous, while a good way of doing things such as books, toys and baby bedding to collect. Put a basket "catch-all" in a high traffic area of ​​the house can be a great tool to grab items that belong elsewhere. Instead each member returns one at a time, you can collect all the items and return them to the same trip.

Get a Planner.A planner, digital or hand-written, it allows you to keep track of doctor's appointments, play dates and even overnight if necessary with your girlfriends.

Filing system. When you create a file for you and the baby before delivery, is the time come to do so. It is important that you keep track of all the medical information and the baby and the creation of a file for each of you is a good way to do it.

Feeding the station. My definition of a "power plant" is where you will most likely and most frequently feed your child. Put things in this area that you need / want in the time you will be that. Your child feed the things possible so that you are in the area: burp cloth, feeding pillows, glass of water, good book / magazine, phone, cover, etc. This is a collection of things that you will help and more convenient baby during this time.

Write it. All thoughts, ideas, dreams that run through your mind, write them down. We are so focused on our little that the great idea that we will have one minute to disappear quickly and are not likely to return most. Many call it the "Mommy Brain".

Be sure to keep it simple; Simple food, easy day and a simple expectation. Enjoy every second, even those where you can hardly keep your eyes open!

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