Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tips for Women's Work-Life Balance

Here are four quick useful articles to promote and maintain your wishes.

America can learn from Europe on the work-life balance, CNN looks at the corporate culture and encouraged the workaholic behavior.

The six components of professional and private life of the No. 1 pound Kindle Jeff Davidson taken in its category "life easier."

It's even worse than you think, New York Times, an opinion which compares the American and German lifestyle.

Why is America the 'no-vacation? ", CNN, an article that asked about the current corporate culture and what we choose to give up as Americans.

Women work harder and longer than ever before. Well, it can make sense in a recession fear, the long-term health benefits and lifestyle have a little closer.

What do you work? What do you think to look for your lifestyle? What makes more sense for your life? I believe that change needs in the corporate culture and the attitude of what our lives seem really important. I imagine at the beach writing and coaching. The incorporation of two of my loved ones.

A Woman's Guide for Breast Enhancement

Women have always had a passion for improving their body and appearance. Breast augmentation is a popular new technique in the arsenal of women. Attractive breasts are always beneficial for women. It is no wonder that many women consider breast augmentation to improve their appearance.

Methods of breast enlargement:

There are several methods to increase the size of the breast, such as:
• Breast Enhancement Pills
• Breast Creams
• Massage
• Exercises
• Surgery Breast Implants

Surgery happens to be perfect for women. It is especially useful for women who are looking for:

• A number proportional accuracy
• Restoration of the symmetry of their breasts
• the post-emergence treatment of pregnancy

Each method of breast augmentation has its own advantages and disadvantages. But most women come to prefer a surgical breast augmentation, as it is known to provide the best results. Youthful figure is yours quickly and easily. This long-term solution can help you young and confident look. However, it should not monitored. In addition, since it is a breast augmentation "surgery", it's about a low risk. Here's what you need to know about the procedure.

Breast implant surgery process:

• Do you understand a comprehensive online research possibilities in terms of shape, material, profile and the size of the cup. This will help you to understand your personal choices.

• surgical breast enlargement is totally secure. However, you should consult with your doctor about a suitable candidate for this surgery.

• If you are a good candidate, you must choose a doctor. There are many qualified surgeons breast augmentation in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. If you stay in Chennai, then you need to look at it the surgeon breast augmentation in Chennai because this treatment has some risks. It is also the aftercare and recovery process, which is just as important.

• Then, with meaningful consultation with the surgeon, you need to prepare for this surgery. You need to get money and follow the pre-procedure instructions properly.

• You need to undergo surgery, and follow the instructions after surgery.

This information seems to be a good start for any woman to be. You need to understand a few helpful tips. Check them out.

• Since this procedure with significant resources, it is important to confirm the state of physical and mental preparation before surgery.

• You need to know what to look for before and after photos method.

• You need to know how to choose a doctor for your breast augmentation surgery.

• It is not all about size, after all. Although most breast size is estimated, it must be a perfect breast size for your body type as well be.

Enjoy the process and very patient with all important choice in breast implant surgery. Then you have the chance, proud, elegant and feminine to get out of your home feel.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tips From a Professional Declutterer That Will Change Your Life

Here to show us how is Ollie Neveu, a professional tasker for life organisation company TaskRabbit. Ready? Let's do this!


To-do lists can be extremely useful but when they're seemingly endless or too vague, it’s becomes hard to prioritise what to do first. "Start off by writing everything down, even the smallest task," says Ollie. "Then, highlight the three most important tasks you need to get done. Once that’s clear, you can plan for the day and everything else will fall into place!" But make sure you keep just the one list - too many pieces of paper lying around will just feel chaotic. Also, Ollie suggests keeping the list on your phone so you can keep track of the errands you can tick off as you go. Clever.


You'd be surprised by how good a clutter-free bedroom feels! Not only that, but often once you've started organising one room, the rest falls into place (note: organising doesn't mean simply moving all your junk from one room to another). "Wardrobes and storage areas are the first spots to tackle to create the mental space you need to feel organised in your daily life," says Ollie. "Start the declutter process by creating three piles of stuff: keep it, bin it, donate it." Be honest with yourself - haven't worn that peasant top since 2001? Get rid of it. Schedule in some time to check each pile at the end of each month to maintain order for good.


"Sometimes to get organised you need a small space to put those things you don't know what to do with (but may need at some point). Isolating the clutter in a drawer can keep messes from pouring into the rest of your life," advises Ollie. "Just make sure to clear out the junk on a weekly/monthly basis." And keep it to just the one drawer - not an entire cupboard.


"Paying bills, sorting out appointments and clearing out your wardrobe often fall to the bottom of the list. As you would at work, give yourself targets and deadlines and allocate a time each day when you sort out your life admin. Being in work mode, you’ll be far more effective and that to-do list will soon be gone," says Ollie. Is that a promise?


"The whole point of being organised is so you can get more time to do the things you enjoy in life," says Ollie. "Make an effort to declutter and organise yourself, then dedicate half a day a week or even a month to yourself. Do what you want, when you want. It’s important to be organised but if you don’t enjoy the time you save, there’s really no point." Now that's one tip we can definitely get on board with.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tips to Living a Great Life As a Single Woman

On any given day the divorce rate averages between 50-60% in the United States. When you add in the number of women who stay in emotionally dead relationships and relationships that are physically or emotionally abusive, it's clear that only a small percentage of women are satisfied with their significant other. I've had significant relationships, but most of my adult life I've been a single woman. I'm not opposed to finding a new man or entering a new relationship in the future, but there are things about being single that I love and would hate to give up. If you struggle with singleness, the following tips can change your life by building your self-esteem, and increasing your financial and emotional security.

1. Get your work life in order. This does not mean you need to take a job you hate for a big fat paycheck; instead it means the opposite. Find something you love to do and do it to the best of your ability. Find ways to maximize income from doing what you love to do. Look for people you can love and support on their journey and people who will love and support you on yours. (Consider joining a support group, if you don't have friends or relatives who believe in and affirm you).

2. Take care of your health. Women are bombarded with erroneous images and statistics about health. Grocery stores, billboards and television sets show scantily clad anorexic women selling everything from coffee to diapers. 16 year old models are used to sell anti-wrinkle cream. It's absolutely ridiculous. I have always been a large, athletic, active woman. A few years ago, I was deeply concerned about my weight. According to medical charts I was between 40 and 50 LBs overweight. At my annual physical, I brought this up to my doctor. Her response shocked me. She said, "You have the blood pressure of an athlete, don't worry about it". So my advice-find a sport you love and do it 3 to 5 times a week. It could be water aerobics, dancing, karate or vigorous walking. Find a food plan that works well for your body. I eat mostly unprocessed organic foods including lots of fresh vegetables, some fruit, some dairy and some protein. I still like sweets so I allow them, but only in small quantities. By maintaining optimal health, you'll have optimal energy, lower medical bills and be more likely to have a better outlook on life. I exercise almost every day. When I don't, I'm prone to low energy and low grade depression.

3. Take care of your finances. Stay out of debt at all costs. There are so many creative ways to live well on very little money, provided you don't fall prey to advertisements or the desire to "keep up with the Jones'". There many books which provide excellent information on how to get out of debt and increase prosperity. If you're able to purchase a home and it makes financial sense, do so. Don't wait for Mr. Right. Even if, or when he comes along, he'll probably admire your financial savvy. Think about joining a financial investment group, or taking a class on the stock market at your local community college. Pay off your debts and start saving money.

4. Feed your maternal instincts. If you really want a child and you have the finances to support yourself and the child, and you have a large, loving supportive network of family and friends, adopt a child or apply to become a foster parent. If you don't have the money or don't feel like you can handle being a single parent look for volunteer opportunities that will meet your maternal needs. You can be someone's emotional mother regardless of your age, income or location. Many children with biological parents need more maternal support from the community.

5. Nourish your need for touch. The desire for sex and or to be touched is normal and natural. Some people feel fine about casual sexual relationships. I'm not one of them, and yet I'm a physical vibrant woman. The need to be touched is critical to survival. It is very helpful to schedule routine massages, and establish friendships where friendly hugs or kisses are expected and normal. I also love animals and share my home and heart with several pets. There's nothing as comforting as a cat sleeping on my lap while I read a good book.

6. Live in the moment as much as possible. One of the biggest challenges a single woman faces, is that we often project into the future. We think, "If I'm single now, I'll always be single". This may or may not be true, but in either case, we miss out on the gifts this present moment has to offer. According to Buddha's second noble truth, all suffering comes from desire and our inability to accept our circumstances. Once we embrace the present moment, the richness of life and the endless possibilities of joy are obvious.

7. Learn a quick comeback for relatives or negative self talk. If you're sick of hearing someone say, "...poor thing, so pretty and still single", or some such similar comment, find a truth or a joke that you can use as a quick, automatic response. For example, think about the advantages of being single. "I love my solitude," or a kind joke, "well you already married uncle Clyde". This eventually gets the point across and it helps you maintain your good feelings about your independence.

8. Look for the advantages of being single or the disadvantages of being married. I have a wide circle of friends and do not have to look far. Several of my girl friends married men who developed severe health problems. My friends now spend their time and money taking care of their partner. This has crippled their finances and creativity. On my worst day, I would not trade places with them. Another dear friend of mine is married to a man, who like herself is very opinionated and outspoken. They have horrific verbal spats. Company is no deterrent to this couple, and I've overheard plenty. These dear friends always make up, and appear to have a good marriage, but this is not what I'd want. As a single women I have 100% control over where I go, what I do, who I see, when I get home, how much money I spent and what I'll do with my time. I can put my pajamas on at 5pm or stay out all night. I love that.

9. Make and keep a good circle of friends. Some single women I know form travel groups, investment clubs, or are included in couples functions. It's important to give and receive love and maintain friendships regardless of whether you have a significant relationship or not. Learning to be a better friend and staying connected with people you care about is an important part of life's journey.

10. Keep your mind active. Whether or not you are in a relationship, it's as important to exercise your brain as it is your body. Watch science or nature shows, take a class, join a study group, or find some way to keep fascinated about life. The world is an incredible place; there is so much to learn, be and do. By keeping your mind active, you'll experience more of the joy of being alive. Additionally, if you're continually learning, people will find you interesting, your self-esteem will remain healthy, you'll meet new people, perhaps increase your health or finances, or circle of friendship and support.

Once you learn to be happy in your singleness, you may or may not choose to share your life with another. If you learn to be economically and emotionally responsible for your own health and well being, you're more likely to enjoy life whether you are single or not. If you choose a partner, it will be from a place of strength rather than need. Once you learn how to lovingly care for yourself, it's easier to avoid a partner who would bring you down or cause you emotional, physical or financial harm. In the long run, it won't matter whether you marry, have a lover or live alone. You will be living your life joyfully.