Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tips for Women's Work-Life Balance

Here are four quick useful articles to promote and maintain your wishes.

America can learn from Europe on the work-life balance, CNN looks at the corporate culture and encouraged the workaholic behavior.

The six components of professional and private life of the No. 1 pound Kindle Jeff Davidson taken in its category "life easier."

It's even worse than you think, New York Times, an opinion which compares the American and German lifestyle.

Why is America the 'no-vacation? ", CNN, an article that asked about the current corporate culture and what we choose to give up as Americans.

Women work harder and longer than ever before. Well, it can make sense in a recession fear, the long-term health benefits and lifestyle have a little closer.

What do you work? What do you think to look for your lifestyle? What makes more sense for your life? I believe that change needs in the corporate culture and the attitude of what our lives seem really important. I imagine at the beach writing and coaching. The incorporation of two of my loved ones.

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